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LA PINA Cycling Marathon

LA PINA shall start in a staggered or "aliquot" style between 8:00 and 8:15 am for those who wish to ride in a leisurely manner, and those who wish to compete shall depart in the traditional style at 7:45 am.

LA PINA Cycling Marathon presents itself this year with a new look and a new route to discover some of the emotionally rich and charming features of the Treviso area whilst delivering the excitement that mother nature transmits to cycling lovers. Just as Andrea loved it, being particularly proud of his hometown and hence the start once again being the Piazza dei Signori, the very heart of Treviso.
Once leaving the piazza, you will ride along the Cal Maggiore, towards the bridge at Ponte della Priula where riders cross over the Piave River. Turning immediately left riders are confronted by their first climb of the day, la Tombola. After this effort the beautiful descent will allow you to admire the magnificent Castle Susegana.
Arriving in the town of Susegana, riders will challenge another climb, well known by locals as the "graveyard climb". Continuing through the town of Refrontolo, riders will take a left to reach another small town called Follina.
It is here that the two routes will divide; the Medio distance shall verge to the left and continue through the towns of Miane, Comba, Valdobbiadene and Crocetta; the Lungo distance will instead verge towards the right in the direction of Valmareno and onto the unprecedented climb of Praderadego, the first of the difficult climbs of LA PINA Cycling Marathon. This climb stretches some 7km, with gradients peaking at 15-16%.
At the peak, the road runs through a stretch of the road Via Claudia Augusta Altinate, an ancient Roman road traced by Drusus in 15 BC, who at that time campaigned against the Reti, which was then consolidated by his son Claudio and also connected Altino with the Augsburg, on the Danube.

Riders continue along a stretch of spectacular road which has been cut into rock in order to allow access to the summit.
From the top, an immediate descent along a steep and winding road will take riders to the village of Mel, where a left hand turn will then enter a road which runs parallel along the left bank of the historical Piave River. The provincial road will lead into the town of Vas, over the bridge at Fante which crosses the Piave River once again and into the centre of center of Quero.
This small quaint town will be the rides entry into the magnificent Valley of Schievenin where, with a series of pleasant climbs and descents arrives at the town of Alano di Piave, where the second climb of the day begins. A 6.5 km climb to the peak of Monte Tomba, with initial gradients of 5-16%. Then, via Monfenera, riders descend into Pederobba and follow the regional road 348 Feltrina until the intersection at Crocetta which then allows the Lungo riders to once again join with the Medio!
Both distances then continue in the direction of Ciano del Montello, once again hugging the coast of the Piave River on their way to the final challenge of the day the Presa XIII of Montello. Once again we take our guests to discover yet another classic climb for local cyclists, just a short walk from the historical Presa XIV.
The Presa XIII is another surprise at the LA PINA Cycling Marathon, a 4km climb, to avoid disappointing expectations, and gradients reaching 12%, which shall deliver a fascinating context to the event.

From Santa Maria delle Vittorie, where riders are able to refuel themselves at the last feed station, the route descends towards Giavera and then onto Treviso and the finish line in the Piazza del Grano, the location of Nane Pinarellos store which has been present for several years now



DOWNLOAD PERCORSO IN FILE .kmz  (Can be viewed via the free download GOOGLE EARTH)